Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Book Challenge!

It’s that time again.  Time to read all the great books that are nominated for the Sequoyah Children’s Book Award. 
The Sequoyah Children’s Book Award has been honoring great books and authors in since 1959.  It’s named after a famous Oklahoman named Sequoyah who created the Cherokee syllabary. This award is sponsored by the Oklahoma Library Association
In addition to the Sequoyah Children’s Book Award, there is a Sequoyah Intermediate Award for Grades 6-8, the Young Adult Award for grades 9-12, and a Donna Norvell Award for easy reader books for Pre-K through 2nd Grade. 
The exciting part is students get to vote on their favorite book!  Oklahoma students in grades three through five get to vote on their favorite nominee in the Sequoyah Children’s Book Award category.  Voting takes place in February and the winners are announced sometime in May. 
I have been challenged by one of my fifth grade students to read ALL of the nominated books in the Grades 3-5 category (see list below).  I accept.  Actually, I would have done it anyway.  But, I didn’t tell him that.

Here's a stack of the nominated books.  I think I'll start with The One and Only Ivan.

Here’s the list:
Children’s (Grades 3-5)
Sailing to Freedom  -Martha Bennett Stiles
Little Dog Lost - Marion Dane Bauer
Adventures of Beanboy - Lisa Harkrader
King of the Mound - Wes Tooke
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe - Lutricia Clifton
Seven Tales of Trinket - Shelley Moore Thomas
Hiss-s-s - Eric A. Kimmell
Capture the Flag - Kate Messner
The One and Only Ivan - Katherine Applegate
Double Dog Dare - Lisa Graff
Kizzy Ann Stamps - Jeri Watts
Brothers at Bat - Audrey Vernick
Alex the Parrot - Stephanie Spinner

I’ll give you updates as I read them.  Take the challenge with me!  Leave a comment if you read a book and let me know how you like it!



  1. I have Kizzy Ann Stamps that I am going to start soon. Leanne

  2. Great! After I read it, let's discuss! I am going to start with The One and Only Ivan.


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