Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't Laugh At My Buggy!

I'm not going to lie.  I have the best buggy ever. People laugh.  I don't care. Eventually, they always end up asking, "Where did you get that?"  or saying, "I wish I had one of those."   

As a teacher, I constantly have to drag things to and from home and school. At first, I tried putting everything into a teacher tote bag, but books are heavy!  Plus, there was never enough room for everything in a tote bag. I got tired of breaking my back trying to carry all of those heavy books. 

So then, I tried using rolling carts and crates that fell apart because they couldn't keep up with me hauling them over concrete curbs, across parking lots, and lifting them up and down into my car.  

THIS buggy is different.  It's sturdy and can withstand all the bumps and jostles as I transport all my teacher-y things to and from school. 

I first spotted my buggy at Sam's Wholesale Club.  It's actually a rolling garden tub. When I saw it, I knew it would make the perfect teacher buggy.  I use it to haul books and supplies. I've even used it to transport a big slow cooker for a teacher luncheon.  

It has multiple uses.  I can use it in the summer for all of my garden things. Imagine that.  Using it for what it was intended. 

Just me and my buggy.  Headed home after a long day of teaching.
For me, it's the perfect teacher buggy.  You can always spot me wheeling my teacher buggy through the school parking lot and down the hallway towards my classroom.  Don't laugh.  You'll eventually want one too.

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