Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Book Challenge Update!

The Book Challenge in my 5th grade reading classes is well under way.  My students are reading the Sequoyah Children's Book Award nominees like crazy! I was thrilled to get a Donor's Choose grant so that I could purchase multiple copies of each book on this year's nominee list.  I can't keep the books in my classroom! Once one book is checked in, it is immediately checked out.  What a great problem to have!  

As of now, quite a few students have met the first incentive which was to read at least three of the nominated books.  There are several who have read up to the next incentive level, which is seven books.  I have one very motivated student who has read all 15 books!  After conferencing with students, there are some clear favorites.  I'll wait to tell you their favorites when we vote for our 5th grade favorites later in February.

If you want to know more information about The Book Challenge, here are the links to my first two posts about this fun project:

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Students have been writing responses after they read each title.  They can write about their favorite part, their favorite character, the setting, the problem and solution, or write a plot summary.  They can also write a book recommendation to a friend. 

After I started getting a slew of these in, I wondered what I should do with them. My teacher friend suggested we put them into a binder.  I created a binder and tabs with each book title.  When students turn in their responses, I put a three-hole punch in them and slip them into the binder.  Students love reading what others are writing about the books.

Here are some examples of their reading responses:

This type of binder would be great for any class library.  You could make a binder full of book recommendations, or even create a bulletin board.  So far, the kids love reading what other kids are saying about these books.

This has turned into a fun project for my students and it has encouraged them to read a variety of books.  I'll keep you posted!


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