Monday, October 13, 2014

Brain Break: "Who is it?"

Here's a quick brain break you can do with your students.  Brain breaks are really fun to do after students have been sitting for awhile, or in between subjects.  It helps get their wiggles out.  This brain break is called "Who is it?" and my students absolutely love it.

"Who Is It?"
  1. Have students stand in a circle.
  2. Choose one person to sit in the center with their head down and eyes covered with their hands, or you can use a blindfold to cover their eyes.
  3. Tell the students in the circle that you (the teacher) are going to point to one person in the circle to say "hello", or say something else in a disguised voice to the person sitting in the middle of the circle.  
  4. Have the students begin walking silently around the person sitting in the center.  
  5.  Point to one person and give them the signal to say something in a disguised voice.
  6. The person you choose will say "hello" or something else in a disguised voice.  
  7. Tell the student in the center that they will get one guess as to who they think the person is that spoke to them.  If their guess is correct, then they can join the others in the outside circle.  If their guess in incorrect, then point to another person to say "hello" or something else in a disguised voice.  You can do this two or three more times until you switch to another student.
Your students will surprise you with their disguised voices!  I'll never forget when the most petite little girl in my class came out with this deep, man-like "Hello".  It was so funny. The person NEVER guessed it was her.  I wouldn't have either.  

Here are some links to some other brain breaks you can try with your students.  Just click on the link and you'll see the post with directions for the brain break.

Have fun with your brain breaks!


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