Monday, October 6, 2014

Brain Break: Snowball Fight!

Who's up for a snowball fight in October?  This is a quick and fun brain break that will get your students up and moving for a few minutes.

Snowball Fight
1.  Pass out one sheet of notebook paper to each student.

2.  Instruct them to write down an action on their paper.  Remind them that the action should be school appropriate and something that students will be able to do.  Depending on your group of students, you may have to be very specific on this.  Some examples could include:  shake hands with five people, do 10 jumping jacks, say hello to five people in a foreign language, quack like a duck, sing a song, dance like a ballerina, etc...

3.  After students write their action on their notebook paper, they will wad it up into a "snowball".  

4.  Instruct students to stand by their desk, or in a designated spot.

5.  On the count of three, yell "snowball fight!" and instruct students to toss their "snowball" at another student.  

6.  Each student will pick up a "snowball" and do whatever action is on the notebook paper.  

7.  Wait a few minutes and instruct students to wad up their "snowball" again and repeat steps 5 and 6.  

I usually only do the activity two or three times.  It is long enough to give students a quick break and get up and about for a few minutes.  After the brain break, have them deposit their "snowballs" into the waste basket or recycle bin.  

Another option is to write your own actions and wad up the papers ahead of time.  You could also bag up the "snowballs" and save them for another brain break.  

Have fun with your snowball fight!


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