Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teaching Responsibility: Classroom Jobs

Classroom jobs are a great way to teach responsibility and teamwork in the classroom.  I have used classroom jobs for years and it has always worked great.  Plus, it makes my job as a teacher so much easier.  Instead of me doing everything and running myself ragged, the daily responsibilities are divided among students.  Working together helps to develop a sense of classroom community and reinforces that we all have to do our part to make our classroom successful.  

Here's how it works:  I have a job chart with each job listed.  I use library pocket charts.  You can find them in multiple colors and designs at teacher supply stores, or on Amazon.  I use wooden Popsicle sticks, which you can find at craft stores. Then I write each student's name or personal number on the sticks.  The sticks slide easily into the library pockets.  You can use index cards too.

Students are responsible for doing their assigned job for an entire week.  The best part, and the part that my students absolutely LOVE, is PAY DAY!  Every Friday, I pay my students three tickets for completing their jobs.  They use the tickets to bid on items during classroom auctions.  If a student doesn't do their job, they don't get paid- just like in real life.  It's a great lesson to teach students.

Every Monday, I rotate the sticks, so students have a new job for the week.

Currently, I have 26 students, so every student has an assigned job.  Some teachers prefer to only have a few jobs for students each week, but I've found that most kids like to have something to do.  The management of jobs is easy and I'm always calling on someone to do something, "Who's the Paper Distributor" or "I need the messenger to deliver a paper."  Believe me, these jobs are well utilized in my classroom.  Some of the jobs are definitely favorites among students and they can't wait for it to be their turn to do their favorite job.  They also think it's fun to get a vacation week.

Of course, you can change the jobs to anything you need for your classroom. You can change the titles to fit your grade level.  The possibilities are endless.  Here is a list of jobs I currently use:

Classroom Jobs

Personal Assistant:  Assists teacher with tasks in the classroom.
Board Eradicator:  Erases white boards and chalk boards before dismissal.
Media Specialist:  Sorts and straightens books in classroom library
Electrician:  Turns lamps and lights on in the morning and off before dismissal.
Postal Clerk:  Distributes papers in student mail boxes.
Public Relations:  Greets visitors at the door.  Assists with class newsletters or blog when needed.
Interior Designer:  Straightens chairs and pillows before dismissal. 
Time Keeper:  Keeps track of time during the day.  Reminds teacher when it is time to dismiss
Lunch Bucket Supervisor:  Carries lunch bucket to cafeteria and brings it back to classroom
Supply Keeper:  Distributes classroom supplies when needed.  Makes sure supplies are neatly put away
Germ Buster:  Sanitizes tables and desks with Clorox wipes before dismissal
Messenger:  Delivers messages to other teachers or to the office.
Door Monitor:  Holds door open for classmates.  Always last in line because you are holding the door.
Payroll CFO:  Distributes tickets to classmates.
Paper Distributor:  Passes out paper when needed
Café Consultant:  Reminds class members to sign in on the Lunch Count Chart. Fills out lunch count sheet and gets teacher approval before turning into cafeteria
Audio-Visual Technician:  Operates cd player, document camera, or television when needed. Ensures equipment is turned off at dismissal. 
Alternate:  Takes over jobs of any classmate who is absent
Phone Operator:  Answers phone and takes messages for the teacher
Line CEO:  Calls tables and groups to line up and leads them out of classroom.
Vacation:  You get a paid vacation for the week.  Enjoy!
Agenda Checker:  Stamps agendas in the morning
Pencil Patrol:  Sharpens pencils and makes sure pencil container is well stocked for the day.  Cleans out sharpener.
Smartboard Technician:  Turns the Smartboard on and off for lessons.
Sanitation Supervisor:  Picks up trash in the classroom.  Makes sure paper items are in the recycle bin.

Best of luck and I hope you give classroom jobs a try to make your busy day a little easier!

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