Friday, August 29, 2014

Perfect Pointy Pencils

Pencils.  Those yellow #2 lovlies are the bain of my teacher existence.  They roll off desks and land on the floor.  They always need to be sharpened.  The pencil sharpener always sounds like a dying cow.  I could go on and on...

For years, I have used an electric pencil sharpener because the one that was always attached to my classroom wall just didn't cut the mustard.  But, on the first week of school this year, my electric pencil sharpener died.  Are you kidding me?  The very week when every kid in my class brought in boxes and boxes of pencils that needed to be sharpened.

A teacher friend of mine suggested I get one from   In fact, this teacher friend asked if I would order her another one because she loved it so much.  I checked it out online.  This pencil sharpener is touted as the quietest pencil sharpener.  It was designed by a teacher who was fed up with sharpeners.  Me too!   So, I got online and ordered. Actually, I ordered three because they were having a teacher special where you can get three for $53.97.

The box from www.classroomfriendlysupplies came in the mail yesterday. I hauled the box to school so I could open it in front of my students.  It immediately peaked their curiosity.  "What's in the box?" they all wanted to know.  It was like Christmas!  Students gathered around my desk as we opened up the box and set up the bright red sharpener.  We put the first pencil in and wa-lah out came a perfect pointy pencil.  They were all eager to try it out and we all were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it really was and how pointy our pencils came out. 

 Now, If I could just figure out how to keep them from rolling onto the floor!  Life would then be perfect, just like these perfect pointy pencils!

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