Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bento Boxes

For years, I have struggled with packing a healthful school lunch.  This year, I was determined to find a lunchtime solution that was easy to pack and had delicious food that was good for me.  After research online (mainly on Pinterest), I found ideas for Bento box lunches. The Bento boxes I found online were expensive, so I found some Rubbermaid containers with three compartments.  The lids fit snugly, so food doesn't spill out.  The compartments are perfect for adding colorful veggies, fruits, and lunch entrees that look appealing when put all together, especially when I'm hungry after a long morning of teaching fifth graders.  Oh, and here is my disclaimer.  I am in no way a nutritionist, or gourmet chef, but I am a busy teacher who is trying to eat healthier and save money by packing a lunch from home.  Here are some pictures of some of my Bento box lunches so far.  

Rubbermaid containers with three compartments.  They also stack easily in the fridge.
 Cheese quesadilla with salsa, celery sticks, and strawberries with fruit dip.
 Pizza leftovers, carrot stickes, strawberries and fruit dip.
 Tortilla roll ups, grapes, carrots, walnuts, and tomatoes.
Mini-burger, blueberries, grapes, and tri-colored pepper strips.

Red grapes, carrots, and a leftover Carne Asada taco.
Cantaloupe, blueberries and cream cheese fruit dip, and loaded baked potato.

Cantaloupe, tri-colored peppers, snow peas, teriyaki chicken, and red grapes.
Pita sandwich with ham, cheese, and lettuce, blueberries, 
green grapes, cream cheese fruit dip, and Veggie Straws.

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