Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nonfiction Flipbooks- Kids Become the Experts!

The culminating project for our nonfiction unit was for students to create a flipbook with information about a nonfiction topic. Students chose their own topic, read and researched, then created a flipbook to share with others.  With this project, my students became the experts!

Flip books are easy to make.  For this one, I just folded three sheets of construction paper.  Just be sure to layer them so you get about an inch for the "flip".  Then staple at the top.  Students write their subheadings on each of the flips.  When the paper is flipped up, students can write their informational paragraphs and draw illustrations.

Here's the assignment sheet that I gave students:

Students had a choice on what topic they wanted to research.  I just asked them to choose something that they were NOT already an expert on.  Once a topic was chosen, I had students gather up their resources in the library- whether it was a book, encyclopedia, or other informational resource.

Flipbook Projects included:

  • Title page with author's name (they are the author!)
  • Table of contents
  • 4 pages with subheadings, information in paragraph form
  • 4 nonfiction text features (photos with captions, illustrations, diagrams, charts, side bars, text boxes or bubbles, charts, bold or italicized words, glossary, etc...)
Here are some examples of some of the projects (I wish I could show them all to you!):

As you can see, there were a wide variety of topics!  After researching and creating their flipbooks, students truly became the experts.  In fact, we all learned something new!

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