Monday, February 2, 2015

A Puzzling Book Reveal!

I'm always trying to think of new and creative ways to introduce books to students.  For our last novel study, I wrapped a book in brown paper and gave students a clue each day.  Students love the guessing game and it builds excitement!  

This time, I decided to make a puzzle.  I added a piece to the puzzle each day.  The completed puzzle shows the book cover.  

It was inexpensive to make.  I went to a copy center and made a color copy of the book cover, glued it on cardboard and then cut it into pieces.  The color copy costs about $1.50.  

Our next reading unit is going to delve into non-fiction books.  I'll use books about the Titanic to get students interested in a nonfiction topic and use picture books to teach mini-lessons about nonfiction text features and nonfiction reading strategies.

Students will use their new found knowledge of nonfiction books to create their own book.  They'll  select their own nonfiction topic and create a flip book using nonfiction text features.  They'll become experts on their topic!

I'll post more information as we progress through the unit.  Stay tuned!

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